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Body Electronics Fundamentals
by Dr. Douglas Morrison
For many years there has been consistent demand and need for a comprehensive introduction to Body Electronics. Many have sought for a thorough and practical source of instruction in the principles and practice of Body Electronics. We are pleased to announce the availability of BODY ELECTRONICS FUNDAMENTALS by Dr. Douglas Morrison. Starting out with the basics of Body Electronics and gradually moving to more advanced principles, this book is suitable for the beginner and experienced student alike. Among the areas covered are:
1. The Ray Program of Nutrition is explained in detail. This program is designed to achieve the state of “nutrient saturation” necessary for Body Electronics through proper diet and nutritional supplements. There is much valuable and updated information on nutrition as well as detailed information on nutritional supplementation. The overall role of nutrition in health and healing is discussed at length.
2. The basic principles of Health and the Human Mind as taught by Dr. Ray including Healing Crisis, the Scale of Emotions, The List and more are presented. The relationship between the mental, emotional and physical bodies is elaborated thoroughly.
3. The principles and techniques of Body Electronics with extensive practical “how to” instruction are given. Also included is a list of many of the major points utilized in Body Electronics and how to locate them easily.
4. Many of the fundamentals of iridology are also covered.
5. And much more!!
Here’s what the founder of Body Electronics, Dr. John Whitman Ray has to say in the Foreword to this book:
“Master the information in this book: Body Electronics Fundamentals. This information will establish your pathway toward the mastery of the human mind. This is the first book of its kind to bring out the basic simplicities which we must understand and then apply to our lives. Study well. The information contained herein will point the way to the eventual understanding of the most powerful healing modality in the world today which results in a permanent change of consciousness.
“This powerful gathering of material shall eventually be utilized in every household around the world where exist those who seek earnestly for the upward path. Contained herein is a workable technique or modality for self—healing for those who desire the pathway of individual responsibility.
“Body Electronics Fundamentals will be of great service to many in our time, and a wonderful blessing to many who are presently in need of sound advice. Read this material with an open mind and with a receptive heart. Read it and make it your own through application. As you change yourself, you change the world. This time is now yours, use it wisely to find something which can be applied to improve your existence.”

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