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August 25, 1983

Dear Friend:
This informal letter of explanation has been requested by many for sometime on the subject of minerals. There is so much that needs to be said that a book of explanation is necessary and could be written on the subject. So please accept this partial but, hopefully, helpful explanation to the inquisitive mind.
(1) The first complaint, which continually reaches my ears, is that large doses of minerals are toxic. This is certainly true in proper perspective. I have no argument against this complaint if the minerals are in a noncolloidal or non-chelated form. The body cannot handle these forms of minerals except in only very small amounts. Those minerals that the body cannot handle settle out in the weakened areas of the body causing toxic settlements. These show up in the eye as pigmentation spots in the area of the iris which corresponds with that particular weakened organ in the body. It might be wise to point out that if the toxic material in that particular weakened organ remained there, eventually metabolic breakdown would occur, These nondesirable minerals come from hard water, sea water, mineral water, mineral tablets, volcanic ash, etc.
According to many nutritional experts, colloidal minerals are nontoxic. It is common knowledge that chelated minerals are certainly nontoxic, as they are necessary for every biochemical function of the body, Chelated minerals are found in the food we eat provided it is grown organically, on land free from synthetic fertilizers and petrochemicals, where it has sufficient mineral content to sustain life.
(2) The next complaint concerns the high amount of sulfur in the Coenzyme Minerals. Sulfur is acknowledged to be toxic in its elemental form. Sulfur dioxide which is made from crude oil and used to prevent darkening of some dried fruits, such as apricots, raisins, prune and apples, has been recognized by some experts to damage enzymes. Since it comes from crude oil it has been labeled as a hydrocarbon, a substance often incriminated in cancer.
Toxic effects of sulfur in popular antibiotics have been acknowledged and, for the most part, phased out,. Sulfuric acid, containing sulfur found in coal smoke, smog and exhausts of some large industries is highly corrosive and is believed to be a strong factor in lung cancer. Yet, colloidal sulfur is looked upon internationally as useful and as a safe, effective treatment for arthritis with no contraindications.
Colloidal sulfur is an important element in many amino acids. Sulfur has been called the beauty mineral because hair, skin and nails are good storage depots for sulfur. If there is a sulfur deficiency .one can get psoriasis, itchy eczema, rashes and hair may grow slowly or fall out easily. Hair may gray and lose its natural color due to sulfur deficiency. This sulfur has to be in the form of a colloidal, chelated mineral which is what we have in the Coenzyme Mineral solution.
I might add, colloidal sulfur has been used in large amounts by Dr. Edward Karl of Mexico along with the herb, chaparral, as a cleanser of intestinal parasites. So much for sulfur; I trust this will answer that question.
(3) The next complaint is a most vocal and contagious complaint due to partial knowledge. A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. This complaint is due to the high aluminum content in the Coenzyme Minerals. Everyone knows that a noncolloidal, nonchelated aluminum is toxic to the body. This is an accepted fact; but when the Coenzyme Mineral solution has aluminum in a colloidal, chelated form, it then reveals one of the major secrets behind the simultaneous cleansing and building of these unique minerals.
The concept of Dr. Louis Kervran established on the last page of his book, Biological Transmutations, confirms that this form of aluminum is transmuted “in vitro” in the body to silica and then to calcium. Everyone knows the importance of silica and calcium to the establishment of health, but how many know that colloidal, chelated aluminum will help fulfill many bodily needs in the great atomic reactor, our body?
(4) To my knowledge, there is no mineral supplement which will compare in changing the pigmentation in the eye from brown to blue, provided the enzyme deficiency is corrected in the body. The removal from the iris of the eye of radii solaris, pigmentation spots, closed lesions or lacunae, cholesterol rings and the lymphatic rosary are unparalleled. The change in the level of the fiber structure in the iris of the eye, reflecting healing and regeneration of tissue in the body, is of paramount and unsurpassed importance.
(5) How can I impress upon you the importance of the necessity of proper electrolytes to be used to cleanse and rebuild the body and to maintain sufficient electrolytes, not used up in the metabolic process, so that Body Electronics will work? Body Electronics is the greatest breakthrough of the century in the healing arts. Without the proper electrolytes in saturation amounts, the Body Electronics will not work effectively.
(6) These particular minerals have been tested by countless means in all the healing arts; used orally, rectally, intravenously in animals, used externally, internally, large amounts and small amounts with no contraindications.
(7) These minerals have a track record of 60 years commercially and go back to the Indians of pioneer time and before. The Indians used this water in a mud to help heal their wounds. The processing technique used to extract these organic minerals is effective, unique and found nowhere else.
(8) We have found nothing to be as effective in helping to heal burns, scars, inflammations and restore activity to inactive tissues. The health scientists of today and tomorrow will be looking at colloidal electrolytes in proper perspective as one of the major secrets to health, provided the colloidal electrolytes contain the broad range of necessary trace minerals~
(9) Nonchelated trace minerals, hard water, sea water, volcanic ash water, mineral water, etc., etc., etc., have not yet proven to hold a candle to colloidal, chelated minerals in the most p~f~t balance known to man.
(10) When subjected to a tire assay to determine mineral content, the organic nature of the Coenzyme Minerals is destroyed and results are nil. This is why many ores contajnjnc colloidal minerals cannot be tested effectively using the fire assay method,
(11) When these Coenzyme Minerals are heated above 200° F. they begin to be destroyed in their effectiveness because they begin to lose their organic nature.
(12) Freezing will in no way affect the value of the minerals. A flaking due to freezing should be saved to sprinkle on food.
(13) These minerals are tested so they are always the same strength. However, due to their organic nature, it is impossible to keep the color consistent. You will also find that a little “mother” will sometimes form in the minerals much like you find in vinegar. This will not in any way harm the minerals, Remember, these minerals are organic and are sensitive to light, heat and life.
(14) One tablespoon of Coenzyme Minerals is equivalent to approximately 250 mg. of any organic, colloidal, chelated mineral.
(15) A colloidal substance is one substance, or a mixture of substances, in which the particles in the colloidal system are smaller than one milLimicron in diameter. One or many substances called the dispersed phase or colloid is uniformly distributed in a finely divided state through the second substance called the dispersion medium or dispersing medium. A colloidal substance begins to assume the characteristics of a solution which is indicated by the “infusion” of the substance through membranes. Particles larger than one millimicron would be categorized as a suspension. It has never been established physiologically that membranes contain pores through which small particles can pass, but the concept of biological transmutation of the elements “in vitro” can quickly explain the phenomena of the colloidal solution’s ability to “permeate” cell membranes and establish various balances of ions on opposite surfaces of various membranes within tissues. This concept of biological transmutation explains the rapid transformation of elements in ionic form from one side of the membrane to the other and leads to the understanding of osmotic equilibrium, an important physiological concept.
(16) A chelate comes from the Creek word “chele” which means claw. Therefore, a chelated mineral is a combination of a metal in chemical complexes in which the metal is a part of a ring. In other words, a metallic ion is sequestered and firmly bound into a ring within the chelating molecule. A ring is simply a collection of atoms united in a continuous or closed chain. For example, hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying pigment of the erythrocytes (red blood corpuscle), is a chelate of iron. Chlorophyll, the green coloring matter of plants bu which photosynthesis is accomplished, is a chelate of magnesium. Chelated minerals are considered to be organic in their nature because of complex bonding with the carbon atom. Chelated minerals are the minerals chemically bound to amino acids wherein chelated minerals are sometimes thought of as a hydrolyzed protein. The chelated minerals activated by enzymes form an alkaline detoxifying agent (chelating agent) which neutralizes the heavy metals and other toxic or foreign substances in the tissues, thus “clawing out” and eliminating them from the body.
It appears from our research that the chelated minerals derived from a plant source, such as the Coenzyme Minerals, are best suited to cleanse and rebuild the body because of their natural ingredients.
It is an established fact that many of the so-called chelated minerals that are made in the laboratory do not have the same effect on the body and must be broken down in the gastrointestinal tract where the form of chelation which is unacceptable in the body is broken down and the free ion is chelated to the degree the body is capable of chelating. Remember, the body can only chelate a small amount of inorganic or nonchelated minerals with the balance having to be removed from the body or else it settles in the tissue of greatest weakness and then shows up as a pigmentation spot in the iris of the eye.
I trust this explains in part the importance of the consumption of chelated minerals in their natural form and why the Coenzyme Minerals are essential to your health in view of the mineral deficient food which is grown today in our chemically poisoned soil.
Please reread the “Twelve Points on Minerals” which is enclosed with this letter.
May this informal letter help put to rest any doubts concerning the effectiveness of this particular universal supplementation. There is so much more that could be said to delve deeper into the whys and wherefores, but let this suffice for now.
John RT. Ray, N.D.

Enzymes International

Eleanor Butler
Manitowish Waters, WI USA