Please note: ALL orders taken by phone or email only - thank you!


1. All case lot orders will have a 50% discount from retail price.
2. All orders which require broken cases will have a 30% discount from retail price.
3. No bonus will be paid on personal wholesale product volume (W.P.V.); however, your W.P.V. will determine your monthly override bonus on your distributors. (Please see Items 4, 5 and 6.)
4. If an authorized distributor has achieved a W.P.V. of $200 or more during one month, he is entitled to a 10% override bonus for that month on the W.P.V. of all those whom he has sponsored. An itemized monthly report is provided for all those receiving bonuses.
5. If an authorized distributor has achieved a W.P.V. of less than $200 for a particular month, he has not earned the right for an override bonus for that month.
6. If a distributor obtains a W.P.V. OF $500 for three consecutive months, he is then entitled to an additional 2% override on all those whom he has sponsored. As long as he continues to maintain this volume, he is entitled to an additional 5% discount off the retail price for each individual order which is all case lots.
7. Enzymes International will drop ship upon request.
8. Enzymes International will not have P.V. transfers. That is a matter to be handled between distributors.
9. Only one level of sponsorship exists for override bonuses.
10. Override bonuses will be credited to your account on the 1 5th of the following month on the basis of all monies received as of noon on the last business day of the month. NO EXCEPTIONS.
11. All shipping expenses are to be assumed by the distributor.
12. Distributor application fee is $5.00. Forms are available upon request.
13. Enzymes International extends no credit. Approved check, money order, Visa or Mastercard must accompany all orders. Established distributors may be provided special provisions upon request.
14. A 15% restocking charge will be made for any returned stock in unopened and resalable condition. No stock will be accepted six months after purchase.
15. It is the responsibility of the sponsor, not the company, to insure that the distributor application is properly filled out and submitted to the company with the appropriate distributor fee. Override bonus will not be paid unless this requirement is met.

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