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Personal Use:

Balance and maintain the natural vortex polarities of your energy field.

When the body’s system is exposed to EMF, the polarities can become altered or reversed, which in turn can lower the immune system to invite sickness and/or disease. Pulsor Re-establishes and maintains the proper rotation and function of the Vortex Energy Centers of the body. Other devices may provide a short-term effect, but they do not maintain your proper Vortex Polarities. Pulsor protects the integrity of the human energy field to calm your mind and emotions and experience deeper states of relaxation and meditation. It releases the energy blockages held in your physical body and psyche, to maintain a state of balance and composure throughout your day. Wear Pulsor to shield yourself from EMF and to maintain your Vortex Energy Centers to help your body’s system properly function naturally.

Recreate your home environment as a truly nurturing, healing space to improve the health of you and your family.

Pulsor can be utilized to stabilize and balance the energy fields not just of living things, but of the environment and electrical equipment. Utilizing Pulsor technology within your surroundings can neutralize the negative effects of electrical devices and geopathic fields. Protect yourself from the disorienting effects of various energy fields with which you come into contact – electrical, EMF, and subtle. Install Pulsor and change your work-place and home environment from tension and stress to increase your mental focus, concentration, creative productivity and harmony.

For the Practitioner:

Increase the effectiveness of your work with your clients through the addition of a modality that supports and enhances your current practice.

Therapeutic use of Pulsor allows brain wave patterns to easily shift into alpha, theta, and even delta, enabling deeper states of calm and physical well-being. This only increases the effectiveness of complimentary medicine and other modalities such as Acupunture, Chiropractic, massage, reiki, etc. For Feng Shui Practitioners, Pulsor provides a tool that can accomplish balance of the intractable geopathic and EMF stressors. Many Feng Shui practitioners find Pulsor to be an invaluable tool in their practice.

Protect your personal energy.

For the Practitioner, Pulsor Provides an energetic shield to protect from energy transference or contaminating your personal energy field, while also neutralizing harmful frequencies and preventing EMFs from disrupting your energy field. Wearing Pulsor allows your natural vital force to manifest while also protecting yourself from the energetic drain felt after working with clients.