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Consider carefully the “Twelve Points on Acidophilus” and the thoughtful reader wi11 acknowledge the daily need for this precious intestinal microbe. Care must he taken to preserve its activity, for any marked deviation from proper health principles can destroy this “friendly flora.”
Why do we have amylase enzyme with the acidophilus? The carbohydrates must be digested and amylase helps digest the carbohydrates then the acidophilus can help produce the lactic acid from carbohydrate fermentation, Taking acidophilus by itself will not do the job unless the carbohydrates are digested. Today so much cooked food is consumed and the necessary amylase enzyme has been destroyed by cooking. If the pancreas is not functioning normally we then have a problem with carbohydrate digestion. Most people who have eaten cooked food for a long period of time do not have sufficient enzyme production from the pancreas due to a prolonged enzyme drain from the body having a detrimental effect on the pancreatic function.
Why not use a cheaper brand? Some of the best brands on the market have one million viable microbes per capsule. At the time of manufacturing with a projected three year shelf life. Enzymes International has four billion per gram tested which amounts to 400 million per capsule. A high potency with long shelf life is to be desired over low potency with a short shelf life.
How much do I take’? One capsule two times a day will place 400 million viable microbes twice into active operation in the intestinal tract. Two capsules three times a day of an arbitrary one million per capsule count will put a total of six million into the intestinal tract. You do the comparison. Why send a boy out to do a man’s job? Remember, there are no contraindications for ingesting large doses, yet why take more than is necessary? The importance is to regain a regular balance and then to maintain that balance.
This powder has less than I % moisture. The activity loss is less than 2 ~ per year if kept in a dry environment. Refrigeration is not necessary. There are no artificial ingredients added. Each capsule may be swallowed, chewed or sprinkled over food.
This strain of acidophilus is a oure strain produced under pharmaceutical conditions. It is checked for the presence of toxins. Aflatoxins and pathogenic organisms so that the user has no fear of harmful contaminants.
Once again Enzymes International brings you unexcelled quality at effective potency) with more than acceptable shelf life. Product integrity is and will continue to he our top priority.

Enzymes International

Eleanor Butler
Manitowish Waters, WI USA