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The following information, when properly understood, will be one of the most important facets of our health education. Once one understands the fields of kinesiology. acupuncture meridians. body electronics. iridology. healing crisis and nutrition, then one will know that at the present time there is no substitute for the Coenzyme Minerals from Enzymes International, Discuss this with the many thousands across the country trained in these concepts.
When a body is mineral deficient, some mineral products will give a temporary lift and the person will feel better. After a short time the person ceases to get better and the health reverses itself due to the individual’s inability to assimilate non-chelated minerals or due to the inability to utilize the minerals because of enzyme deficiency. (See Twelve Points on Enzymes)
To increase the electric potential or life force within each cell of the body one must first have a balanced form of colloidal chelated minerals from plants. A broad range of minerals are required before the body can properly transmute and utilize them as the French scientists have indicated. After the proper mineral balance is present in a saturated form, then there will be sufficient electrolytes in the cerebral spinal fluid to make possible the application of body electronics. Once the blockages in the electronic structure of the body can be removed, the physical body can heal itself. A lack of the minerals slows down the process of blockage removal from the electronic body and subsequent retardation of healing in the physical structure.
It is now understood that the broad range of colloidal chelated minerals (Coenzyme Minerals) are required for meridian balance, body detoxification and tissue rebuilding. (See Twelve Points on Minerals)
It is now understood that due to the rapid depletion of minerals used during tissue rebuilding and detoxification, a saturation of chelated minerals is required to be maintained for continuation of healing crisis, restoration of health and electrolytic balance needed for body electronics effectiveness.
Enzymes International is fortunate to have access to a unique system of mineral preparation which places this product in a position of excellence among mineral preparations and products. Those who place their health foremost in their priorities and who properly understand the subjects of iridology and body electronics unite with one voice acclaiming the virtues of this product.

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Eleanor Butler
Manitowish Waters, WI USA