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The 12 points on Vitamin C when properly understood will stagger the candid and reflective mind. Hopefully, these point the way to the recognition of mass ignorance in the health care field and our responsibility in helping to educate those who desire to learn more.
The need for natural Vitamin C is certainly an established fact. Due to the nutritional deficiencies of our food supplies grown on soils contaminated with insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilizers, we find the need for natural vitamin, enzyme and mineral supplementation greatly increased in order to maintain our health.
The components of natural Vitamin C from Enzymes International have been concentrated to the limit wherein the natural Vitamin C components remain intact and the digestibility and assimilation are not impaired. To help with the digestibility of the natural Vitamin C the Amylase enzyme has been added. This aids in carbohydrate breakdown and consequent assimilation of the concentrated Vitamin C
It has been know for years that a low milligram dosage of natural Vitamin C has been all that is necessary to regain and maintain health, but over the years synthetics have crept in and quick solutions to the suppression of syrnptomology have gained general acceptance among those in the health field.
There is no easy way to reverse the degeneration of the body except through discipline and adherence to natural laws on all levels: Physical, mental. and spiritual. There is no quick pill one can take to heal instantly. One can take away pain and suppress symptoms, this is true, hut all astute and responsible physicians know that healing can only take place by adherence to natural laws. Enzymes International is proud to make available to you what we believe to be the finest natural Vitamin C on the market.
Vitamin C from Enzymes International has been blended from concentrated Acerola and Rose Hip powder. Bioflavonoids have been concentrated from oranges. grapefruits and lemons. One capsule supplies 85% of U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance for Vitamin C
Included in each capsule are 150 mg. of concentrated Acerola and Rose Hips, 50 mg. of
Bioflavonoids and 50 mg. of Amylase enzyme derived from a vegetable source. Vitamin C from
Enzymes International has been prepared under pharmaceutical conditions and must he placed in a prominent position of excellence when compared to other products.
Recommended maintenance dosage is one capsule twice a day. This will ensure that a continual need of natural Vitamin C is met when included in the overall nutritional program.
There is no comparable product in the marketplace today. Share this important information with your friends and loved ones. Hopefully, we can continue to promote correct principles in health care and maintain watchful vigilance protecting the integrity of product.

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