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What is Aid 4 Joints?

New & Improved Formula – Pure Advantage’s Aid-4-Joints now contains Cissus. This premium joint rebuilding formula now promotes healthy ligaments and tendons making it the preferred choice over regular joint formulas.


With intense training and shock loads to your joints, it’s important to keep your joints healthy so you can continue to train hard. Most people take their joints for granted and don’t realize the impact running, lifting or any kind of physical activity has on your joints and connective tissue.


Aid 4 Joints Premium Joint Formula contains 6 key ingredients that have been proven effective for joint health. 

  • Here at Nutritional Brands our formulas are never static. As a new & proven scientific evidence comes to light, we carefully review our formulas to ensure we continue to offer you the most effective products with maximum bio-availability
  • DigesebPlus delivery System: plant based acid stable digestive enzymes for enhanced bioavailability
  • For your health does not contain egg, sugar,corn, yeast, wheat, soy, gluten, artificial colors flavors or preservatives


Some of the Important Benefits of AID 4 JOINTS:

  • Promotes healthy tendons& ligaments
  • Contains MicroLactin™ that enhances and supports joint function
  • Promotes flexibility for bending and stretching
  • Contains the cartilage rebuilding benefits of Glucosamine